Characteristics of the credits with financial credit institutions

If you need a loan and you do not want or can not afford to go to a bank, you can consider using credits with FCI (National Association of Financial Credit Establishments). FCI is a grouping of companies of different categories with the consideration of financial credit institutions that offer different types of financial products such as consumer loans, factoring , financial leasing, guarantees, etc. If you want to document more, you can investigate in this link.

FCI is an organization that includes almost all financial and credit institutions, and they study the projects they have for the purpose of improving the financing activity throughout Spain, with the ultimate goal of incentive consumption.

What are the requirements to access credits with FCI?

What are the requirements to access credits with FCI?

Since this entity has a national information service on the files of defaulters, the companies associated to this check that you are not registered in any file as delinquent before granting the credit.

This gives a greater guarantee when asking for the credit of FCI, because they will not lend you money if it is a project with high probability of default. So, the first step is not to appear in the FCI Debt File listings to access the financing.

However, if you appear in said File – often it happens in an irrelevant manner – you can contact them to access your data and check whether, indeed, the requirements to be listed as delinquent are met: if the debt is demonstrable, alien, wrong amount, if the debt has already been canceled …

Other requirements to obtain the credit are:

  • Be of legal age, between 18 and 65 years old.
  • Have full capacity to act to be able to contract debt.
  • Possess a current account in activity on your behalf.
  • Have a phone or email.
  • Have a minimum and regular income.

One advantage of fast loans with FCI is that you can access financing without the need for payroll or other documentation that banks usually request as an essential requirement.

Yes, I meet the requirements. How do I request a loan with FCI?

Yes, I meet the requirements. How do I request a loan with FCI?

At the time of requesting a credit FCI you only have to communicate the amount you want. You have the possibility to request a maximum of € 800 and the return period is usually from 1 to 3 months, since it is a quick credit and must be returned in a short period of time.

Keep in mind that the higher the amount and the longer the return of the capital, the interest rate will increase. You will have an online calculator where you can make your own simulations of payment of fees so you can choose the option that best suits your needs.

Once these variables are chosen, you fill in an application with the required information and send the required documentation. Subsequently, the entity will evaluate the request with the information you provide to check your level of solvency and risk. When approving the credit grant, you will have your money in a few minutes in the bank account that you previously communicated.

Conclusion of the credits with FCI

Conclusion of the credits with FCI

As you can see, accessing credits with FCI is a fast, flexible, comfortable, personal and direct financing for small contingencies, immediate liquidity needs or other situations that force us to improvise. Being able to complete the entire process via online streamlines procedures and redoes in your comfort. You can continue informing you here about the credits with FCI. If you need the money do not hesitate to contact us to inform you without commitment or to make the simulations of your personalized credit.

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