8 tips to prepare and finance trips

At the time of making a trip, it does not matter if it is a near or distant destination, a good preparation and financing is essential to be able to enjoy the holidays as much as possible. Because sightseeing is a good way to rest and get to know other countries.

Travel insurance thanks to a loan simulator

Travel insurance thanks to a loan simulator

It does not matter if it is with low cost travel, cruises, or by car, the important thing is a good preparation and financing to be able to enjoy as much as possible. With so many transport options (plane, boat, car, train, etc), accommodation (hotels, hostels, apartments, etc.), and especially destinations. It is essential to keep in mind the following tips:

  1. Try to save some money to pay for your vacation. Especially on trips that are planned in the long term, because saving is not a good solution if you want to take advantage of offers on last minute or last minute trips. In any case it is always convenient to have some money saved to be able to face unforeseen expenses during your vacations.
  2. Plan your vacation with time to get the best prices on flights, hotels, and trips. Also, you can get the best financing for your trip, either through loans or credit cards. Remember that both for trips and for other uses, it is always better to request your personal loan as early as possible.
  3. Find information about the destination of your trip, no matter if it is an organized tour or you go on a backpacking adventure. This way you will know what you want to know in your vacations, what vaccines or documentation you need, what currency is used, means of transport, schedules, what time you are going to do based on the weather, or what are the customs of the destination of your trip. For this, it resorts to the Internet, tourist offices, guides, and maps. Remember that it is also important to call your mobile phone company in order to know what flame rates and Internet connection will be applicable in your destination.
  4. Set a budget for your vacation, based on all the above information. And just in case, add between 15% and 25% for incidentals and extras. This way you will know what is the amount that you must finance with a loan for holiday travel or by credit cards. In the latter case, keep in mind that you can pay for your trip with your usual bank card or using credit cards. An online travel simulator can be a good way to make sure you’re going to adjust to the money you have.
  5. Hire a good insurance, if yours does not have enough coverage. Especially to cover accidents such as accidents during the trip or stay at the destination of your vacation, and also for the loss of luggage. This way you will avoid unnecessary annoyances and expenses for a small amount. Sometimes when paying the trip with a credit card you can have free insurance, also the airlines usually offer insurance to cover baggage losses. So choose the option that offers the most coverages at the lowest price.
  6. Change the currency before traveling, so you can get the best exchange rate in foreign currency and especially have cash for your trip. In any case there are countries where there are local exchange houses, although on a trip abroad it can be very risky to exchange money outside a bank.
  7. Use credit cards to pay, it is much more convenient and also allows you to have an instant currency exchange and with lower commissions. This way you will avoid taking too much cash with you, as well as you will be able to control your expenses through the extract of your card.
  8. Ask for a loan for a holiday trip, it is a good financial solution to pay for your trip and holiday expenses. So you can have money not only to pay for the trip but also to spend on your destination. And besides being able to repay the loan in comfortable installments according to your needs, you will not have limits to finance your trip, as happens with credit cards that can limit the cost to 600 euros. While with a personal loan of between 1500 euros and 3000 euros, you can have enough money to pay for trips to international destinations or cruises. In addition to being able to return the loan in comfortable installments for several months, instead of in terms of 60 days or less. So when you return from your vacation trip, you will not have to worry about expenses or payments made with credit cards. And for this the best help is the personal loan simulator of CredText.

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